Friday, May 8, 2015

Sophie Inspired Vest


Thank You Dedri Uys for letting me post the Link to her Sophie Pattern

You can find the pattern here:

You will need to scroll down the page of the link above for Dedri's Pattern Links


 Materials Needed:
4.5mm hook for Small - Medium
5mm hook for Large
5.5mm hook for XL - XXL
1 Sophie's Garden Pattern up to The End of Part 3 (using hook as above)
DK Yarn in colors used in Sophie
Darning needle

Extra Stitches Used:
CH:  chain
TR:   treble
DC:  double crochet
HDC: half double crochet
SC:   single crochet
FAN STITCH: 5 double crochet in same stitch, skip 2 stitches, single crochet in next stitch, skip 2

Place marker in top centre. Count 11 sts then mark either side of top centre. *Then 16, then mark. Then 16, then mark. Then 32 and mark**.  Repeat from * to ** for other side (see below)

RIGHT FRONT - at the marker, 11 sts from centre, join yarn with a standing sc,
Ch1, sc3, hdc4, dc4, tr4 turn
Ch3 (1st st), dc3, hdc4, sc8 turn
Ch1, sc11, hdc4 turn
Ch2, skip first st, hdc to end
Repeat last row 10 times. Fasten Off. 

Do other side in reverse
(CH4, tr3, dc4 etc.)

Measure as for front & take out the centre marker & the one from either side. 

Ch4 (first st), tr3, dc4, hdc4, sc33, hdc4, dc4,tr4, turn

Ch3(first st), dc3, hdc4, sc41, hdc4, dc4, turn

Ch2 (first st), hdc3, sc49, hdc4, turn

Ch2 (first st), hdc to end, turn

Repeat last row 3 - 5 times (depends how high you want back neck)

Ch2, hdc1, turn

Continue on these 16ts for 8 more rows. Fasten Off

Count back 15 sts from other end and join yarn to next st with a standing hdc

Hdc to end, turn

Continue on these 16ts for 8 more rows. Fasten Off

Sew Front to Back at Shoulders from wrong side. 

Sew sides from bottom marker up to next marker (32 sts)

Join in yarn at neck, & work 1 Row Fan Stitch. Fasten Off & work in ends