Friday, May 7, 2010

My Fantastic Birthday

Today was my 51st Birthday!!

Hubby gave me money to get my hair done, and here is the result:
My darling 23 yr old son, Ben made me the best Beef Rogan Josh with Rice for dinner
and a Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Frosting and 'Happy Birthday' out of Banana Slices. yummo:

All in all it's been a great day. I've never had so many birthday wishes EVER!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Early Birthday

Today I get to celebrate my Birthday 2 days early.
I get to spend the morning at the hairdresser's getting my hair done (getting rid of the grey).
Yayyyyyy!! I hate grey!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Miss Innocent!!

Meet 'Little Miss Innocent':

Her name is Allie and she is an 8 1/2 yr old Labrador Cross.
When I went for a nap, I had accidentally left the remnants of my lunch in a bowl on the arm of the lounge.
I got up, and you guessed it noo food left in bowl:

Allie must have jumped up on the lounge, eaten the food, licked the bowl clean, and jumped back down. LOL

When I got up from my nap and saw the empty bowl, I had to laugh!!

When I said to her: 'Allie, did you eat the food in the bowl?' she looked at me, bowed her head and ran from the room!! LOL

As I said: 'Little Miss Innocent'!!